Kambo Ceremony Details/Pricing

      I provide a luxury experience that includes cassava drink prior to ceremony (to absorb bile), memory foam mattress, pillow and blanket. Most places have you bring your own stuff. Everything is provided for you with Love Kambo. The following is included in the healing ceremony.

        • Interview Prior to Booking a Kambo Ceremony - A phone interview will be conducted to go over medical history to make sure you are a proper candidate for Kambo. Safety is #1 priority.
        • Palo Santo/Sage Cleansing Ceremony - We follow ancient traditions in cleansing the energies of the body before beginning work. This is to prepare your mind body and spirit for deep healing.
        • Intention Ceremony - Setting the proper deep healing intention is extremely important. We go deeper beyond just the surface. We will work with you pick the deepest intention to maximize your healing.
        • Hape (Optional) - Hape is a shamanic snuff that induces powerful sensations in the mind and body.
        • Kambo Ceremony - This is the main event, where we prepare the Kambo medicine according to ancient proven traditions to be applied to your body. This is a multi step ceremony has to be done carefully for maximum safety while having the deepest and most powerful healing possible.
        • Reiki - I provide additional energy cleansing through my Reiki practice. This will help move any unsettled energies out to maximize healing benefits.
        • Sananga (Optional) - These powerful eye drops have a healing power that’s more energetic than physical, and that has the capacity to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use it.
        • Sound Bath - Enjoy an emotionally healing sound bath with crystal singing bowls, gong and chimes. The high vibrational music heals our mind, body and soul on a cellular level.
        • Closing Ceremony - We finish with a closing ceremony with processing the experience and emotions that emerged during Kambo.

      Price Offerings:

      • Private Session - $240
      • Private Group Ceremony (Bring friends/family) - $200 per person
        • Organize your own private group (a group is considered 2 or more)
        • Double Treatment Session (duration 3-3 1/2 hrs) - $380 - private session
          • For deeper more powerful healing, I offer a double back to back treatment.
          • Group Double Treatment Session - $320 per person
        • Package Deal (3 sessions within 30 days) - $600 (Save $120)
          • Its recommend to do 3 Kambo sessions to maximize healing benefits within 1 month. Each Kambo session breaks down energetic and emotional walls, so the healing goes deeper every time.

        How Often Should You Do Kambo? 

        Kambo can be taken as a single or double treatment, or as an intensive treatment spread over several days and weeks, or the deepest cleanse, which is three treatments in three hours (only for seasoned clients). In some traditions, Kambo is also taken as a vaccine and is administered as 3 treatments over one moon cycle (29.5 days). The famous vacina da floresta. The most effective way to take Kambo when you’re doing it for the first time is to take the medicine 3 days in a row as resistance drops and you into deeper layers each time, the body and mind are in the process of release mode. Imagine doing a cleanse 3 days in a row vs. 3 days in a month. You benefit from both but you as well as I know, three days of cleansing takes you deeper. If that’s not possible, 3 times in a moon cycle works wonders as well. This process may be more suitable for more sensitive individuals. I recommend upon receiving the inoculation of 3, refreshing with Kambo once a month, every few months or once a year depending on your health status and needs. The more treatments you have, the deeper this medicine and the purge goes. Some people will need several sessions to fully feel the benefit or be ready to release and let go of the deep stuff. Everyone will benefit from a single session, whether they believe in it or not. Every health condition has a different protocol. An early Lyme disease will benefit the most out of several days of Kambo in a row as soon after the tick bite as possible, whereas depression or fertility treatments need different intervals.

        Cancellation Policy - No exceptions, No refunds. The session payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule your session with me 48 hours in advance if needed. *If you cancel any session less than 48hrs prior to your session, there are no exchanges for your treatment, you will no longer be a able to use this session. If you need to change your appointment, I give a 48 hour grace period to change your session date within a 28 day period. If you do not reschedule within 28 days, you will lose your session with me. A portion of proceeds are donated to the BOA foundation and Wilka T'ika Children's Fund, supporting indigenous tribes and children.

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