Kambo Ceremony Details

      When booking Kambo with us, you will get the following included in the healing ceremony.

      • Interview Prior to Booking a Kambo Ceremony - A phone interview will be conducted to go over medical history to make sure you are a proper candidate for Kambo. Safety is #1 priority.
      • Palo Santo/Sage Cleansing Ceremony - We follow ancient traditions in cleansing the energies of the body before beginning work. This is to prepare your mind body and spirit for deep healing.
      • Intention Ceremony - Setting the proper deep healing intention is extremely important. We go deeper beyond just the surface. We will work with you pick the deepest intention to maximize your healing.
      • Kambo Ceremony - This is the main event, where we prepare the Kambo medicine according to ancient proven traditions to be applied to your body. This is a multi step ceremony has to be done carefully for maximum safety while having the deepest and most powerful healing possible.
      • Reiki - I provide additional energy cleansing through my Reiki practice. This will help move any unsettled energies out to maximize healing benefits.
      • Sound Bath - Enjoy an emotionally healing sound bath with crystal singing bowls, gong and chimes. The high vibrational music heals our mind, body and soul on a cellular level.
      • Oracle Card Reading - Last but not least, we provide an oracle card reading.
      • Closing Ceremony - We finish with a closing ceremony with processing the experience and emotions that emerged during Kambo.

      Price Offerings:

      • Private Session - $200
      • Private Group Ceremony (Bring friends/family) - $180 per person
        • Organize your own private group (a group is considered 2 or more)
        • Double Treatment Session (duration 3-3 1/2 hrs) - $325
          • For deeper more powerful healing, I offer a double back to back treatment.
        • Package Deal (3 sessions within 30 days) - $500 (Save $100)
          • Its recommend to do 3 Kambo sessions to maximize healing benefits within 1 month. Each Kambo session breaks down energetic and emotional walls, so the healing goes deeper every time.
          • Doing 1 ceremony first is still a good start, you can see how you feel afterwards and decide later if you want to go deeper. Most clients see tremendous benefits after their first ceremony.
          • For clients that pay all 3 in advance, we offer this $500 deal.

        Cancellation Policy - No exceptions, No refunds. The session payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule your session with me 48 hours in advance if needed. *If you cancel any session less than 48hrs prior to your session, there are no exchanges for your treatment, you will no longer be a able to use this session. If you need to change your appointment, I give a 48 hour grace period to change your session date within a 28 day period. If you do not reschedule within 28 days, you will lose your session with me. A portion of proceeds are donated to the BOA foundation and Wilka T'ika Children's Fund, supporting indigenous tribes and children.

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