What to Expect

What to expect during a Kambo ceremony

Kambo can be intense but the experience is short and fast and the effects of the secretion are usually felt within a minute or two of application. You will know the medicine is kicking in because you will start to feel increased warmth across the face and upper body. Your heart rate will increase and a none painful pressure felt in your head.  Some feel tingling in the hands and feet as well as occasional swelling of the face known as frog face. Not everyones face swells and it will go away. 

After a few minutes your blood pressure will drop causing nausea. This nausea is not like when you're hung over or experiencing food poisoning. Not every one feels nausea and it comes and goes. 

Purging begins and usually lasts around 10 -15 minutes in waves, which can take a number of forms including crying, laughing, yawing, sweating, twitching, burping, going to the bathroom and vomiting. As a result Kambô is sometimes referred to as an “ordeal” medicine.

Some people can have a peaceful, loving and feeing of oneness experience with kambo. 

Kambo works with your intention and targets the areas requiring the most attention, we often experience it scanning the body where its working. The discomfort you can feel at times is the accumulation of toxins both physical and emotional trying to exit the body.

I promise you, once your session is compete you will start to feel better with every minute that passes. Most people feel lighter after.  

What happens after the ceremony?

Once the points have been removed, the open gates are treated with a tree sap from Peru known as dragons blood (Sangre de Grado). This seals the wounds minimizing the risk of infection and accelerating healing. 

Once you have finished purging the body is usually tired and you will need to rest (although not always the case) the rest of the day. I recommend booking your session on a day you don't have anything to do after. You can focus on rest and integration.

After 20 - 30 minutes the body has usually recovered and you are able to eat and drink as normal. Sticking to organic heathy meals is encouraged and drinking water, tea or coconut water.  

 The following days is when you should start to feel and notice the benefits of kambo. ENJOY!!