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Serving clients in Austin, TX


Healing Benefits of Reiki

Release & Heal Trauma | Remove Energetic Blocks | Balance Chakras | Activate More Energy

Reiki is the Life Force Energy of the Universe and a Reiki treatment is the practice of guiding this energy into you and allow it to perform the healing session. It balances the chakras and other areas of energy imbalance.

My reiki sessions have the added benefits of shamanic channeling, sound baths and energetic chord clearing for even deeper healing.

Many clients feel lighter, gain deeper insight into their lives, release trauma and more.


Working With Danika

Reiki Master | Kambo Practitioner | Shamanic Channeler

Hi beautiful soul! Welcome to Love Kambo. My name is Danika & I'd help you heal with the power of Reiki. I channel Reiki energy to help release energetic blocks, emotional trauma and activate natural healing processes in the body.

I have done a lot of my own healing the past 6 years through therapy, Tony Robbins, life coaches, breathe work, reiki, Ayahuasca, Iboga & Kambo. Healing isn’t a destination, it’s a life long journey of learning to surrender, letting go of control, feeling our inner child wounds, releasing our pain, learning to love ourselves, letting go of self judgment & learning self acceptance of our selves and the world + more!

You're not broken or needing to be fixed. We come into this world already whole, worthy and enough. Life happens to us causing trauma that can keep us from being our highest self. This work helps us remember the truth and come back into our hearts.

It can be confusing at times & painful. You’re stronger then you know! Our intentions and energies will work in partnership to help clear, release and heal the mind, body and soul. We only go as deep as you're willing to go.


Reiki Session Details & Pricing

Your reiki session includes:

Hape Ceremony (optional) -
Hape is shamanic snuff that is made from sacred plants, including parts from tree bark, leaves, seeds, and various plants. Hape can help the user feel relaxed and calm, yet aware and alert.
Reiki - Using universal reiki life force energy, I channel reiki into your body to clear blocks, traumas and allow the body to heal.

Shamanic Energy Clearing
- Some old dense energies and traumas require deeper work. I channel my Pleidien.

Sound Bowl Healing - The right sounds at specific high frequencies have a powerful healing and clearing impact on the body. I will use the power of sound through the sound bowls and gong to clear any remaining old energies and bring more balance to the body.

Service Price - $150
Duration - 1 hr 30 min on average. Duration will depend person to person. Some people will need more work while others need less.